Just three generic dudes is their tagline. And boy they sure are. They are taking a fantastically great approach on changing the local game of how people review Scottsdale restaurants! They get invited from these restaurants to come in for the full experience. They video their entire dinner from walk in to check out, just like a normal patron would. They then condense the video down to 6 minutes or so for an upbeat experience for their site visitors. Whether you are a resident of Scottsdale or visit, they are trying to be your number one source for all things restaurants and food in Scottsdale.

They are taking a new school approach to a very convoluted marketplace. With a bunch of review sites where you have no clue whether the person actually visited or not, you are forced to rely on that. The three generic dudes are trying to change that. They have reviewed close to 15 restaurants in Scottsdale so far and are continuously doing more every week to keep everyone in the loop to try new places. Their number one focus is to deliver great content while making the Scottsdale market and local economy thrive.


ScottsdaleRestaurants.com has a fantastic local following already and are on the verge of something special. Make sure to keep an eye out on them and their movement they are creating. Lots of local people have been following their every more and visiting the restaurants they recommend. All because of the videos, content and local aspect of tackling their city, Scottsdale.


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